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Our expertise

Divoro helps software and technology-enabled companies in all aspects of cybersecurity, from certification and compliance to threat detection and prevention. 

Whether your business grows organically or through acquisitions, Divoro’s experts and our trusted partners will create a tailored solution to meet all your cybersecurity needs. 

Divoro can augment your existing cybersecurity team, or we can manage your entire cybersecurity environment on your behalf while minimizing your security cost and allowing you to focus on what matters most: growing your business.

  • Penetration Testing
    Constantly evolving cyber threats are an unavoidable aspect of the digital landscape. Divoro understands that many companies don’t wish to sacrifice the time, resources, or staff to keep up with ever-changing cybersecurity best practices. When you partner with Divoro, you gain access to proven methodologies and in-depth expertise to thwart the most dedicated attackers. Our team will identify, assess, and manage potential risks to fortify your cybersecurity infrastructure against potential breaches. Divoro helps you mitigate risks with confidence, secure in the knowledge that your business is protected.
  • Managed Detection and Response
    In a digital world filled with potential threats, real-time security monitoring has never been more crucial. Divoro’s Managed Detection and Response is your dedicated and comprehensive security headquarters, constantly detecting and responding to signs of compromise. Our security experts combine leading-edge technologies with proven strategies to uncover and neutralize threats before they cause harm. Partner with Divoro, and you’ll get a proactive, threat-deterring watchdog that guards your business around the clock.
  • Compliance Services
    Cyber threats constantly evolve, and your compliance and security must adapt to safeguard your company’s growth. The team at Divoro understands these challenges and strives to be your digital advocate, advisor, and trusted ally. Our comprehensive Compliance & Security Management services support your goals by equipping you with the tools and roadmap necessary to navigate the shifting landscape of cybersecurity standards.
  • M&A Technical Due Diligence
    The software is a crucial part of the deal. Comprehending the contents of the code is essential. Identifying potential open source risks, security vulnerabilities, and code quality issues in the target's codebase at an early stage safeguards the deal's value. Undetected issues during M&A can lead to: Putting sensitive data at risk. Escalating remediation costs. Compromising proprietary intellectual property. Hindering overall and integration operations. Prolonging deal and integration timelines. Whether you are on the acquiring or selling side of an acquisition, Divoro solutions for open-source license compliance, software security, and code quality are designed to uphold your transaction's financial and reputational success.


Penetration Testing for Software Company

Thanks to Divoro’s efforts, the client is able to comply with InfoSec requirements and standards without needing an in-house team. The team is on top of the project from the start and continuously pushes the internal team to deploy solutions. 


Cybersecurity Services for Productivity Software Company

Divoro has successfully completed every task assigned to them, always meeting the client's needs. The Divoro team delivers on time and communicates via virtual meetings, emails, and messages. 


Staff Augmentation & Cybersecurity Services for Automotive Mktg Firm

Divoro has successfully deployed the client's security operation center. They've also listed gaps in the client's cybersecurity and provided recommendations for improvement. 


Penetration Testing for SaaS Company

Divoro delivered a third-party view of the project's security side, providing the client with better results and quality than what they received in the past. They also helped the client improve some of their team's processes, making them more transparent and efficient.


Ethical Hacking for Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Divoro performed a high-caliber investigation that yielded generative insight. They documented their useful findings in detail, clearly explained the takeaways, and even provided a free follow-up test. 


An ELITE team of cybersecurity veterans on your side


Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

Offensive Security Certified Professional

Certified Ethical Hacker

Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control

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