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Integrating Security Into Every Stage of Development

Secure SDLC

What we do

Today’s threat actors are eager to put their crosshairs over software projects of any size. From ransomware to outright data theft, the attacks business face have never been more numerous or varied. That’s why Divoro believe security should be built into every stage of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Our Secure SDLC services provide a comprehensive approach to building secure software from the ground up. Combining cutting-edge cybersecurity tools with proven methodologies, Divoro’s robust defenses help your team create software that is as secure as it is innovative.

Application Security

Keep your applications safe from threat actors. Divoro’s Application Security service integrates proven security infrastructure into your application design, development and testing phases.

Network & Infrastructure Security

Protect your critical network environments and infrastructure. Divoro helps you safeguard your vulnerable network ecosystem from intrusion, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Cloud Security Services

Safeguard your cloud assets. Our Cloud Security Services protect your data, mitigate vulnerabilities, and keep you compliant with regulations across your cloud systems.


Bring development and security together. Divoro’s DevSecOps services integrate security into your DevOps pipeline, strengthening the security posture of your development without slowing it down.

Secure SDLC

Integrate security throughout your development process. Divoro’s Secure SFLC strategy embeds security elements and analysis into every stage of the development life cycle. 

Cloud Migration & Strategy

Transition to the cloud smoothly and securely. Divoro’s Cloud Migration & Strategy services ensure your move to the cloud is smart, secure, and compliant with regulations.

Identity & Access Management

Control who can access your systems, when they can do it, and monitor every interaction. Divoro’s Identity & Access Management services help define, manage, and secure user access to your resources, keeping potential threats at bay.

Security Code Review

Ensure your code is as secure as possible. Divoro’s Security Code Review service analyzes your code for potential security flaws, giving you the insight to fix vulnerabilities at the earliest possible stage.

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