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Divoro: Pioneering Cybersecurity Excellence Since 2013

Established in 2013, Divoro is a cybersecurity veteran-founded company dedicated to keeping businesses safe in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Over the last decade, we’ve carved out a niche by tailoring flexible and comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to meet the unique needs of software companies. At Divoro, we provide more than just security—we empower businesses to fearlessly grow in a complex and interconnected world.

Our Values and Core Principles

Our journey at Divoro is guided by a core set of values and principles. These serve as our compass, inspiring us to develop our people and remain relentlessly focused on achieving results. 

First, we believe in “keeping it simple” and being of service both to our clients and our community. We deliver smart, straightforward, and highly effective cybersecurity solutions that align with our customers’ business objectives.

It’s our aim to foster a culture of determination and tenacity at Divoro. We are unafraid to confront the complexities of a shifting cyber landscape, and we are ready to learn new and better methods to deliver best-in-class results.

Although we work hard, we also value the importance of enjoying life, promoting a work-life balance, and staying passionate for a better, safer digital future. Giving back to the global community is an integral part of who we are at Divoro. Through our partnerships with hand-picked charities at USA and Ukraine, we extend our values of service and compassion to make a positive impact beyond the realm of cybersecurity.

Meet the team

Our team is comprised of the world's best minds focused

on delivering results for our customers and partners.

IMG_5188 2023-03-29 12_43_09.HEIC

Oleg Matsko

Project Manager

Sergey Samedov_1.jpg

Sergey Samedov

Serhii Khariuk 1.png

Serhii Khariuk

Man with Beard

Max Paremskiy

Chief Security Officer

Vice President

SOC-as-a-Service Lead

Divoro Gives Back

Core to our company’s values is to Be of Service. Our focus is to support the help of orphans with life-threatening medical needs.


Our “Divoro Gives Back” program with our key partners has been able to help many orphans by funding heart surgeries, treatment of tuberculosis, and treatment of many other medical conditions.

Charitable Organizations Supported by Divoro

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Corporate Headquarter

2000 Avenue of the Stars STE 1050S

LS, California 90067 USA

+1 (213) 878-0908

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