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Build Robust Defenses With Comprehensive Threat Management

Penetration Testing

What we do

Constantly evolving cyber threats are an unavoidable aspect of the digital landscape. Divoro understands that many companies don’t wish to sacrifice the time, resources, or staff to keep up with ever-changing cybersecurity best practices. When you partner with Divoro, you gain access to proven methodologies and in-depth expertise to thwart the most dedicated attackers. Our team will identify, assess, and manage potential risks to fortify your cybersecurity infrastructure against potential breaches. Divoro helps you mitigate risks with confidence, secure in the knowledge that your business is protected.

Pentest services run by people

Direct access to domain experts

We conduct all tests through manual processes. Our ethical hackers thoroughly examine vulnerability chains to understand how they could be exploited, potentially compromising data and affecting your business. The results are compiled into reports that include precise remediation instructions.

Take advantage of direct communication with cybersecurity experts. Utilize our penetration testing services to stay informed about emerging security trends, identify effective solutions, and address increasing risks.

Diversified team for holistic service

Free post-remediation testing

We enlist ethical hackers, IR, MDR, and vCISO teams to provide more than a simple list of vulnerabilities. Our goal is to comprehensively assess your business ecosystem and make clear recommendations for establishing a robust security perimeter.

Addressing all the weaknesses properly is vital. That's why we offer penetration testing services and a complimentary post-remediation assessment to guarantee that all necessary changes have been implemented, ensuring you are prepared to achieve new business milestones.

Reliable vendor for a wide range of cybersecurity testing services

Web-application pen test

Pen test for compliance

Network pen test

Mob-application pen test

Internal pen test

Red & Purple Teaming

Cloud security assessment

External pen test

IoT pen test

Get personalized penetration testing services

Black box

Conditions: We aim to infiltrate the system and uncover potential threats to your business with limited information about your company.

Value: Our black box penetration testing service emulates a real-world attack, aiding in the identification of technical vulnerabilities and security issues related to human factors.

Grey box

Conditions: We assess your business with basic information about your infrastructure and system, including logins and passwords.

Value: The gray box penetration testing service strikes a balance between quality and cost-effectiveness. It offers a more affordable and expedited option compared to the black box approach.

White box

Conditions: We attempt to breach your organization with knowledge of logins and passwords, as well as complete access to an application or system architecture and code.

Value: The white box penetration testing service enables the discovery of concealed vulnerabilities that might escape notice in other types of penetration tests.

Why leading global software companies
have chosen Divoro

“Software experts, Delivers real value.
Get things done, and pleasure to work with."

— These are just a few phrases software companies use to describe their experience with Divoro.


Read more feedback from our customers and find out why software leaders call Divoro mission-critical to their cyber protection.

ISO 27001 & GDPR Compliance


Thanks to Divoro’s vCISO and InfoSec Team we were able to build security framework that allowed us to pass  ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 with the first try.  They also build Secure SDLC and all other Cybersecurity measures.

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