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Elevate Your Cybersecurity Posture With Divoro

Compliance & Security Management

What we do

Cyber threats constantly evolve, and your compliance and security must adapt to safeguard your company’s growth. The team at Divoro understands these challenges and strives to be your digital advocate, advisor, and trusted ally. Our comprehensive Compliance & Security Management services support your goals by equipping you with the tools and roadmap necessary to navigate the shifting landscape of cybersecurity standards.

SOC2 & ISO 27001 & Other Certifications

Security Awareness & Education

Instill confidence in your customers with a commitment to world-class security standards. Divoro prepares you for SOC2 and ISO 27001, NIST, and other certifications, ensuring your systems are robust, reliable, and trustworthy.

Build an actionable knowledge base to defend against novel cyber threats. Partnering with Divoro ensures you’re informed and prepared for the latest exploits and day-zero vulnerabilities.

Privacy & Compliance

Staff Augmentation

Meet the requirements of complex privacy laws and regulations with ease. Divoro provides expert guidance to enable you to achieve compliance with legal frameworks like GDPR, CCPA, HIPPA, and GBLA, among other standards.

Use the Divoro team as an extension of your own. We offer skilled cybersecurity experts to complement your existing team, or we can help you build one from scratch.

Security Assessment & Advisory

Virtual CISO

Understand your vulnerabilities to strengthen your defenses. Divoro performs 360-degree assessments to shore up security gaps, expose risk factors, and guide your business to crucial improvements.

Combining expert strategy development with a low overhead cost, Divoro’s vCISO service gives you a seasoned C-level without the executive price tag.

RFI & RFP Services

Partner with Divoro to prepare and respond to RFIs and RFPs, ensuring your company avoids security pitfalls and gains a competitive edge.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Safeguard your transitions. Divoro gives you meticulous due diligence, risk assessments, and integration planning during M&As.

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