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GDPR compliance

What we do

As GDPR experts, we are dedicated to helping our customers to achieve adequate compliance. Hence, we serve businesses with holistic data protection and GDPR compliance solutions. Divoro also offers expert guidance that helps to reduce the risks of GDPR non-compliance and maximize opportunities and business growth.

External Data Protection Officer (DPO) services

Subject access requests, redaction, and processing

Let competent hands handle your requirements and save yourself from the stress and costs of hiring an employee.

Divoro's software consultants assist our customers

Our outsourced data subject access requests (SAR) management services are targeted at organizations looking to comply with the requirements of SARs.

Records of processing activities services

Contract and data sharing agreements review

According to Article 30 of the GPDR, every organization that processes personal data is under the obligation to provide written documentation and an overview of procedures for the personal data obtained.

An organization must adequately protect itself within the confines of the law when sharing data with other parties. Such protection comes in the form of appropriate agreements and understandings.

Customization of privacy notices and policies

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

Are you keen on updating your existing policies and procedures? We can review them, redraft when necessary, or provide new and updated policies.

Is your client organization under a legal obligation to undergo DPIA/PIA? We can help prepare your Data Protection/Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIAs/PIAs).

Data mapping and discovery

Privacy training for staff

We guide you through a discovery exercise, to develop your records of data processing (as required by Article 30 GDPR). This set of diligence becomes an essential information resource throughout your initial GDPR compliance project, and beyond.

We provide our proprietary all-in-one privacy and security training program. This integrated Learning Management System includes popular computer-based training content, which can be applied across your entire organization. Detailed reporting helps you document and demonstrate compliance.

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